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We’ve created our products with vibrant tastes and mouth- watering aromas, bringing you the hands-on fun of Mexican eating - so that you can get friends and family together for fun, informal shared meals.

From brilliant boxed meal kits to deliciously different cooking sauces, from crunchy taco shells to soft flour tortillas - plus all the salsas, dips and extra bits - you’ll find plenty of inspiration to design your own mouth-watering Mexican meals.

Browse by product type, best sellers, and new products or view them all - we’ve even included a few recipe suggestions using each product, to get your creative juices flowing. We’ll supply the vivid flavors and sizzling aromas - leaving you to add your own ideas!


Irresistible aromas, flavors and colors that get everyone rushing to the table and diving straight in! That’s something we’ve got down to a fine art which is why we’ve created all these mouth-watering Mexican recipes for you to try.

We’ve got starters, nibbles and mains like nachos, tacos, abondigas, enchiladas … and even drinks and desserts, which mean you, can be cooking up a feast in no time! So get those invites out, your apron on and get cooking – it’s that easy, we promise!